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How does MyBuilder rate for tradesmen compared to the alternatives?

There was a time that when people were looking for a tradesman they’d have to turn to the trusty Yellow Pages. Unless a friend or family member came forward with any recommendations, it was all blind chance. You never knew if it was your number that was going to get that call. Then along came a little thing called the internet and this changed it all. A look at the many MyBuilder reviews shows how tradesmen had to adapt and started to secure work in new ways.

As well as MyBuilder, tradesmen also now have the option of using sites such as RatedPeople and Checkatrade. While these platforms all offer a similar service (in that they bring customers and tradesmen together) they have a variety of features and costs. We’re going to take a look at how MyBuilder stacks up against the competition and establish if one platform is really better than the rest.

Should these platforms even matter to me?

In a word, yes. As a tradesman, you can’t have failed to notice the almost extinction of physical, offline, directories. There may be some worth in things such as local parish magazines still, but even these are bringing fewer and fewer results. Those who are looking for tradesmen are looking online and if you’re not there the chances are that your business is going to suffer. You only have to look at MyBuilder reviews to see how popular these platforms are with customers and tradesmen alike.

The internet has impacted everything. Look at how Uber came along and changed how we view taxis. Netflix changed what we all think television should be. Services such as Spotify completely changed the record industry. The impact is just as great with tradesmen as the internet has given a new way for customers to select who they want to carry out their works. Let’s look at the most popular of these now.


This isn’t necessarily one that you would expect to see alongside MyBuilder reviews. Why? Well, Bark isn’t just there for tradesmen: it is there to help with leads for almost every professional service under the sun. That is something to keep in mind when you see the opening boast from Bark in that 10,000 jobs are requested through its site every day. These could be plumbers, electricians, or carpenters. Equally, they could be caterers, private investigators, or tutors. 

How easy is Bark to use?

As a tradesman looking for new leads, you want things to run as smoothly and as easily as possible. The good news with Bark is that it is an extremely simple process to signup. It takes about 10 minutes to do this and then you are good to go and can start receiving leads.


How much does Bark cost?

When you compare Bark to other platforms, you will see that its charging model is a little different. There are no fixed fees and there are no annual membership charges. What Bark does instead is to allow you to buy credits for £1.10 each. This can start to get a little pricey as we will see.

If a customer is looking for a tradesman like you they will submit the information to Bark. Bark will then obtain more information so that you have an idea of what level you would quote at. You are then given details of the job. If you decide that it’s a job that you want to put in for, you then use your credits to pay Bark for the customers’ contact details. This can cost you anywhere from 1-20 credits. The average sits at around 7 credits for each lead.

Is Bark worthwhile for a tradesman?

There are certainly jobs being requested on Bark that are suitable for a whole host of trades. When you look at what it costs for a lead, around £7 on average, it is for you to look at if this works for your business. What other methods do you have for bringing in new leads and are these more cost-effective?

One watch with Bark, according to its TrustPilot page, is whether or not all of the leads are qualified. There is value in paying for a lead that you have confidence that you can convert. If you begin to get numerous leads that go nowhere, it may be time to start looking elsewhere.


MyBuilder reviews are quick to point towards the recent awards that have been won by this platform with these coming from Good Housekeeping. For reviews to be balanced, you’ll also find that many of these make reference to the unfortunate incident that MyBuilder experienced back in 2018 when someone was able to set up a profile with no experience in the trade whatsoever. So a mixed bag to start with, but let’s look in more detail at what’s on offer here.

How easy is MyBuilder to use?

When it comes to signing up for MyBuilder, the process is less than straightforward. Perhaps this is to keep those rogues at bay, but it does impact the genuine tradesmen who are looking for a simple sign up. What MyBuilder requires is a rather lengthy form followed by an equally lengthy questionnaire that sees you answering trade-related queries.

How much does MyBuilder cost?

MyBuilder is similar to Bark in that it charges you for leads. It takes a little bit of monitoring, but when a customer posts a job in your area you can express initial interest. The customer is told of your interest and can take a look at your profile. Assuming your profile does the trick then the customer can shortlist you as one of their tradesmen of choice. At this stage, you pay MyBuilder for the customer contact information. This can cost anywhere between £2 and £35.

These fees may seem high but this depends on how much you are going to be making from a job and how much you would otherwise be paying to win new work. MyBuilder does point out that new sign-ups typically get shortlisted between 4-8 times before they land their first job. This could see you forking out up £280 to win your first job.

Is MyBuilder worth it for tradesmen?

When you get into the detail of MyBuilder reviews it becomes clear that this platform is really a mixed bag. There are some glowing reviews from customers and tradesmen, but equally, there are sufficient negative comments to make you want to run to the hills.

The great feature that MyBuilder brings is the ability for tradesmen to effectively manage their workloads. They are able to pitch for a job as and when they want to rather than being overwhelmed by enquiries and having to turn people away.


If you’ve already ready MyBuilder reviews the chances are that you will have also heard of Checkatrade. This is one of the best-known platforms out there and is used by huge numbers of tradesmen. When you signup with this company you are given your own webpage that you can use to advertise yourself and to show all of your glowing reviews.

How easy is Checkatrade to use?

Unlike MyBuilder who was caught out letting inexperienced tradesmen signup, Checkatrade has an outstanding record of only allowing reputable tradespeople to join. You may think that this leads to a long-drawn-out joining process, but the truth is that Checkatrade has this down to a tee and everything happens quickly while also being thorough.

Your application starts with a very simple application form. When this is submitted you will be contacted via phone and asked a few questions. These will cover the services that you offer and they will also expect details of any accreditations that you have and your insurance.


How much does Checkatrade cost?

It is possible to sign up with Checkatrade for free right now. This is not something that is likely to be long-term so you’ll need to check this out if you are looking to join. Once you are a member, there are different levels that bring with them different benefits. Ultimately, the more that you pay the more that you get.

Many tradespeople have expressed a little anger, to say the least, of late. This is down to the fact that Checkatrade has increased its prices for all levels of membership. This has been people watch their subsections rise from around £52 a month to around the £150 level.

Is Checkatrade worth it for tradesmen?

No one is ever a fan of a price increase, but as with anything in life, you need to take a look at what you are actually getting for your money. The benefit of Checkatrade is that it is instantly recognisable and is universally trusted.

If you are wanting to grow your business, or if you are new and trying to get your break, Checkatrade’s reputation can only do you good.


This is perhaps the most commonly known platform for tradesmen. Unfortunately, RatedPeople had a similar slip up to MyBuilder when it allowed someone with no experience at all to join as a tradesman. Needless to say, lessons have been learnt and processes have been tweaked. RatedPeople is the name that most consumers know so how does it compare to the other players?

How easy is RatedPeople to use?

Extremely. As signup processes go, the one at RatedPeople has to be one of the easiest. There is a short application form to complete that takes seconds. After that, all the work is done by RatedPeople itself. You will receive a call and an advisor will carry out vetting checks with you before you are live on the platform.

Once approved you can set up your profile. When you see a job that you are interested in, it is this profile that customers will see before they decide to go ahead and let you quote. Make sure you put in the work so that your profile shines.

How much does RatedPeople cost?

When you join RatedPeople there is a standard fee of £20 + VAT each month. This is certainly much cheaper than the charges over at Checkatrade. However, the monthly fee isn’t the full story here. As well as paying this you also need to pay for individual leads. The cost of these averages around £15 a time.

With every £15 spent, there is no guarantee that you will get the job. This may be off-putting, but you need to look at this in the same way that you do any marketing and advertising: there are never any guarantees.

Is RatedPeople worth it for tradesmen?

RatedPeople is certainly rated by consumers. TrustPilot shows customers raving about the service that they have received. This is great for tradesmen as it means that they can be sure to find plenty of opportunities.

The cost of £20 per month plus the £15 for each lead maybe a little on the high side for some businesses out there. If this would work for you depends entirely on your budget.


Which is the best option for my business?

You could read MyBuilder reviews and be convinced that this is the way to go. Likewise, there are plenty of RatedPeople reviews that are capable of drawing you in. The truth is that all of these platforms have their pros and cons. None of these is exceptionally better than the others: they all offer something just a little bit different.

With the likes of Checkatrade, you can achieve a great deal just off the back of its name. It may prove too expensive for many though. With MyBuilder and RatedPeople, there are certainly plenty of opportunities for tradesmen just like you. When it comes to making a decision, you need to weigh up the pros and cons yourself. Budget obviously plays a major part in this process. The flip side is the return on investment that is possible. If you decide to give any of these platforms a try be sure to give them a reasonable time frame to start producing that return.

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