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Amp Up Your Productivity and Say Goodbye to Paperwork

We understand the pressures you face as an electrician. Whether you specialise in residential, commercial, or industrial electrical work, we know that your job is diverse and demanding.

With constant travel to new job sites and interactions with different clients, we recognise the value of having all your job information readily available at your fingertips. Imagine if you could easily access and manage all your electrical projects directly from your device, simplifying your work processes and enhancing your efficiency.

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How can our software help your Elecricians  save time & money

Mark, a homeowner in need of electrical services, receives an email from Spark Electric, a reputable local electrician. The email catches his attention with its informative content and a limited-time promotion.

Electricians Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Spark Electric takes advantage of a Free Email Marketing tool

Spark Electric implements an email marketing campaign targeted at potential customers like Mark using Labourless’s free email marketing suite. They create engaging email content that showcases their expertise, highlights their services, and offers special promotions or discounts.

Mark receives the email and is intrigued by the valuable information and the opportunity to save on electrical services. He clicks on a call-to-action button or link within the email, which directs him to Spark Electric’s website.

Electricians Leads


Mark contacts Spark Electric

While Adam from Spark Electrics continues to work, in the meantime the Spark Electric’s website features an integrated lead form provided by Labourless, which is strategically placed to capture Mark’s information

Mark fills out the form, providing details about his electrical needs and contact information. The lead form is seamlessly integrated with Spark Electric’s job management tool, enabling a smooth transition from lead capture to job creation.

Electricians Quotes


Mark becomes a customer

Once Mark reviews the quote and accepts it, Labourless automatically converts him from a lead into a customer. Spark Electric then enters any specific notes or preferences she shared during their conversation.

This helps Spark Electric to have a complete customer profile and provide a personalised service to Mark throughout any further communications they may have together.

Electricians Quote


Spark Electric sends Mark a lead

Upon receiving Mark as a lead, Spark Electric promptly responds by scheduling a visit to assess the electrical issue. Using the job management tool, they create a detailed quote for Mark, outlining the scope of work, required materials, and the estimated cost.

The quote is generated within the system, ensuring accuracy and consistency in pricing and information. Spark Electric can attach relevant images or documents to the quote to provide a clear understanding of the proposed solution.


Plumber direct messaging

Direct Messages

Labourless makes it easy for Steve to contact Freddy

Steve and Freddy can communicate through Labourless’s messaging feature, eliminating the need for multiple email threads or phone calls.

They can discuss project details, share updates, or address any concerns or queries, all within a centralised platform.

Electricians Job Progress Tracking

Job Progress Tracking

Sparks handles account management with ease

Throughout the job lifecycle, Spark Electric can track the progress of Mark’s electrical project within the job management tool. Easily seeing who has what tasks and what needs to be achieved to make Mark a happy customer.

They can update the job status, record the materials used, and log the hours worked. This provides a clear overview of the job’s progress and ensures timely completion.

Electricians Direct Messages

Direct Messages

Communication between Mark and Sarah is easy

Steve and Freddy can communicate through Labourless’s messaging feature, eliminating the need for multiple email threads or phone calls.

They can discuss project details, share updates, or address any concerns or queries, all within a centralised platform.

Plumber invoices


Spark Electric finishes the job

Once the electrical project is successfully completed, Spark Electric generates an invoice directly within Labourless and uses one fo the custom team templates provided. The system calculates the total cost based on the agreed-upon pricing, any additional charges, and applicable taxes.

The invoice is sent to Mark, who can conveniently review and make the payment online. Spark Electric receives a notification when the payment is processed, allowing them to update the invoice status and keep track of payment history.

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Create own branded quotes that chase themselves with automatic email & SMS reminders.

Scheduling jobs

Create project plans for jobs and assign jobs to each team member.

Job tracking

Track the success of each of your teams jobs, make sure each customer is satisfied.

Credit notes

Create credit notes against applied invoices, which simplifies your accounts at the end of the year.


Create own branded invoices that chase themselves with automatic email & SMS reminders.

Online payments

Collect and track online payments, while you’re onto your next job.


Track and store the hours your team works, so payroll is that much smoother every month.

Performance reports

Create a wide range of reports and gain useful insights into how your business is performing.

Electricians Working

Client portal

Even your clients have access, so they can remotely access the information you assign to their account.

Job contracts

Create custom contract templates, which you can send to each customer and track if they have signed.

Asset management

Keep track of all the assets in your business, which comes in handy if there is ever an insurance claim.

Human resourcing

Every tool you need to better manage your team, stay compliant with HR laws.

Instant messaging

Live chat with your team or customers while you’re on the go.

Customer management

Manage every detail about your customer, create custom fields and centralise their data in a secure tool.

Track team expenses

Help your team easily add work expenses where they can attached receipts from their phones.


Create a catalogue of products or services you often provide quotes for. This super charges your quoting process.

Upcoming features for Plumbers

We’re currently working on custom features specifically build for carpenters. Check out what we’re building and
have your say on what new features you want next.

Supplier integration

Supply integration

Integration with plumbing supply catalogues for easy access to product information and pricing

Compliance check

Compliance & code check

A built-in tool that helps electricians stay up to date with electrical codes, regulations, and compliance requirements.

Cost estimator

Cost estimator

Material quantity estimation for wiring, outlets, switches, and fixtures.

Free Email Marketing System

Need to contact your customers or looking to reach more potential customers? With this Free Email System from
Labourless, you have everything you need to communicate via email.

With every paid labourless account you’ll recieve a free email marketing system account.

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We offer a range of plans that are extremely competitive and you can choose to pay monthly or yearly and save 15%.

Sole trader

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A lightweight package that comes with everything a sole trader needs to run their business successfully.

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A packed plan that gives a growing team everything they need to increase productivity, revenue and reduce costs.

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A heavy weight application filled with everything a larger construction business needs to run in the digital world.

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We guarantee to always offer dedicated help and support, so you know you’ll get the most out of this new technology.

Free set-up assistance

We help you get set up and running, so you can do what you do best.

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