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Wouldn’t life be easier if you had your diary, jobs, customers’ details, receipts, quotes, invoices,
payments, insurance and employees’ details – ALL ON YOUR SMARTPHONE!

Carpenter Job Management Software
Carpenters Digital Toolbox

Hate paperwork?

Here at Labourless we understand the pressures you face as a carpenter or joiner. Whether you have chosen to specialise in renovation, restoration, kitchen or bedroom fitting we understand that your work is varied and challenging.

With regular travel to new jobs and meeting new customers, wouldn’t it be great if all your job information was at your fingertips and accessible from your device?

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Carpenters Job Management Tool

How can our software help your plumbing business save time & money

Sarah, a homeowner, is in need of some carpentry work for her home renovation project. She found a local carpenter, Mark, through a recommendation and decided to contact him through his website. Mark is a skilled carpenter who uses Labourless to streamline his business operations.

Leads in Carpenter Software


Client makes a call needing a kitchen fitted

Sarah contacts Mark through his website, expressing her interest in getting some custom-built shelves for her living room.

Mark quickly captures the lead information directly into the system, ensuring no lead is missed or forgotten.

He sets a follow-up reminder to promptly respond to the lead and schedule an appointment to discuss Sarah’s requirements.

Carpenter Quotes


Mark sends Sarah the Quote

Mark arranges a site visit to assess the space and gather measurements for the custom-built shelves.

Using the quote feature in Labourless, Mark easily creates a detailed quote for Sarah, specifying the materials, labour, and estimated timeline. He is even able to select from a range of custom created product options we uploaded when he joined Labourless.

He can attach images or sketches of the proposed design to give Sarah a visual representation of the finished product.

The quote is instantly sent to Sarah via email, allowing her to review the details and make an informed decision.


Keeping it all legal

To formalise the agreement with Sarah, Mark can generate contracts or service agreements using Labourless. He can customise the contract templates to include project-specific details and terms, protecting both parties’ interests.

This way, he knows both himself and the client are on the same page in regards to the job details.


The quote is instantly sent to Sarah via email, allowing her to review the details and make an informed decision.

Carpenter Customer


Sarah becomes a customer

Once Sarah reviews the quote and accepts it, Labourless automatically converts her from a lead into a customer. Mark then enters any specific notes or preferences she shared during their conversation.

This helps Mark to have a complete customer profile and provide a personalised service to Sarah throughout any further communications he may have with her.

Carpenter Job Scheduling

Job scheduling

Mark completes the custom shelves

After receiving acceptance of the quote, Mark converts the quote into a job. He schedules the job, assigns his team members, and sets reminders for key milestones.

Mark can also track the progress of the job, update the status, and maintain a record of job-specific details, such as materials used and hours worked.


Carpenter Direct Messaging

Direct Messages

Communication between Mark and Sarah is easy

Mark and Sarah can communicate through Labourless’s messaging feature, eliminating the need for multiple email threads or phone calls.

They can discuss project details, share updates, or address any concerns or queries, all within a centralised platform.

Carpenter Invoice


Mark completes the custom shelves

Once Mark has completed the job, he converts the quote into an invoice instantly. The system automatically calculates the total cost based on the agreed-upon pricing and adds any applicable taxes or fees.

Mark sends the professional-looking invoice to Sarah, who can conveniently make the payment online.

Carpenter Payments


Mark receives payment quickly

Sarah receives the invoice and makes the payment online through the system’s integrated payment gateway. If Sarah didn’t make the payment, Labourless would automatically chase her with email notifications to make sure she doesn’t forget.

Mark receives a notification of the payment and updates the invoice status accordingly, maintaining a clear record of payment history.

Carpenter bookkeeping


Mark finds bookkeeping easy

As the payment is processed, the system automatically records the transaction in Mark’s bookkeeping module.

Mark can generate financial reports, track income and expenses, and have a clear overview of the financial health of his business.

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Create own branded quotes that chase themselves with automatic email & SMS reminders.

Scheduling jobs

Create project plans for jobs and assign jobs to each team member.

Job tracking

Track the success of each of your teams jobs, make sure each customer is satisfied.

Credit notes

Create credit notes against applied invoices, which simplifies your accounts at the end of the year.


Create own branded invoices that chase themselves with automatic email & SMS reminders.

Online payments

Collect and track online payments, while you’re onto your next job.


Track and store the hours your team works, so payroll is that much smoother every month.

Performance reports

Create a wide range of reports and gain useful insights into how your business is performing.

Client portal

Even your clients have access, so they can remotely access the information you assign to their account.

Job contracts

Create custom contract templates, which you can send to each customer and track if they have signed.

Asset management

Keep track of all the assets in your business, which comes in handy if there is ever an insurance claim.

Human resourcing

Every tool you need to better manage your team, stay compliant with HR laws.

Instant messaging

Live chat with your team or customers while you’re on the go.

Customer management

Manage every detail about your customer, create custom fields and centralise their data in a secure tool.

Track team expenses

Help your team easily add work expenses where they can attached receipts from their phones.


Create a catalogue of products or services you often provide quotes for. This super charges your quoting process.

Upcoming features for Carpenters

We’re currently working on custom features specifically build for carpenters. Check out what we’re building and
have your say on what new features you want next.

Cabinet designer

Cabinetry design

This is a feature designed to help build custom cabinetry and woodworking design.



Material quantity estimation for lumber, hardware, and finishes.

Auto type

Auto type

Scan receipts and auto type will automatically add the information to form fields.

Click here to view our full feature roadmap

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