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All the legal documents you need at your finger tips

Save time, enhance accuracy, and streamline your contractual processes with
digital contracts tailored for tradesmen.

Discover how Labourless can save you up to 6 hours per week.

Protect your business with
legal and HR tools

HR & Legal

All the tools & knowledge to manage your growing team.


Bookkeeping knowledge and accountancy tools.

Customer Service

Features and knowledge to help better manage customers.


Productivity tools to help you function more effectively, easily.

Sales & Marketing

Everything you need to Sell and Market your business.



Send clients digital
work contracts

Create and send work contracts that can be signed digitally by your clients.

Digitally signed work contracts offer a range of benefits for you, including increased efficiency, enhanced security, improved compliance, better organisation, and cost savings.

30-day free trial

How does it work?

Simplify the process of securely storing all contract information
in the cloud, ensuring easy access and management of
essential client agreements.


Store & access a collection of common contracts

A lot of time can be wasted preparing a works contract. Save valuable time with a collection of commonly used contract types.

30-day free trial


Create & edit

Add images, videos or code snippets to templates

Create easy text tables

Contract tasks

Unleash efficiency with tasks specific to contracts

Tasks often get lost in the shuffle amidst your team’s workload. That’s why we’ve tied specific tasks to your client’s contracts, ensuring clarity and simplicity

30-day free trial
Contract tasks

Contract tasks

Link tasks to contract

View only tasks linked to a contract

Create tasks for contract from the contract

Renewal history

Easily create contract renewals for past contracts

Amidst the bustling tasks of your team, contract renewals can be overlooked. That’s where our Contract Renewal History steps in, providing a clear record of every renewal and ensuring seamless clarity in your processes.

30-day free trial
Renewal history

Renewal history

Select and renew contracts

Digital signing

Clients can sign contracts on any device, from anywhere

In the midst of complex paperwork, traditional signatures can be time-consuming. Enter Digital Signatures for Contracts, streamlining the signing process and adding a touch of modern efficiency to your agreements.

30-day free trial
Digital signing

Digital signing

Touch signature box

View client signatures and IP when signed

Download signed contracts


What are the benefits

Simplify the management of essential agreements, fostering
smoother interactions and more efficient operations for both
parties involved.

For your business

Increase peace of mind with clear, reliable and committed job contracts.

Protect your businesses cashflow

Reduce time arguing with clients over pay

Reduce paperwork

Reduce job errors

Digitally stored so no need for physical storage

For your customer

Enhance the customer experience with better transparency and clear agreed deliverables.

Enhance convenience

Better job transparency

Easier delivery commitments


Effective communication

Get instant access to everything your
trade business needs to run effectively

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Supporting you with

Free set-up assiatnce

Free set-up assistance

We help you get set up and running, so you can do what you do best.

Free lifetime support

Free lifetime support

We understand how it can feel to get stuck with some new tech.

Free updates

Free updates

We are always trying to improve what we do, and so, all updates are on us.

Unlimited storage

Unlimited storage

There are not storage limits with us, so store as much as you need.

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