#1 Tradesmen digital toolbox

Tax & Legal

Effortlessly manage contracts, accounts and GDPR.

Make running larger projects a breeze

With labourless, you have all the tools you need to project manage those jobs that have so many moving parts.


Make sure your business is GDPR compliant.

Tax Digital

Tax digital is coming, and we have you covered.


Create digital singable contracts to stay in control.


Everything you need to make sure you are complaint

A range of data protection tools to help you stay complaint and allow users access to their data.

GDPR is not just about the collection and usage of users data, but also how you store that data. Users should also be allowed access, so to say you time sending data, deleting data and general administrative tasks – we have equipped you with everything you need for your clients to manage their data themselves.

  Right to erasure

  Right to access

  Right to data portability

  Right to be informed

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Tax digital

Tax digital

New regulations are coming, make sure you’re ready

Everything you need to make sure you’re tax digital complaint.

We understand that as a tradesman, you’re focused on completing project for your clients. You don’t necessarily have the time to become tax digital, we have you covered.

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Create and send contracts for projects you’re about to start

A tool to help you stay legally protected on all projects you work on.

Equipped with digital signatures, data and time stamps to help you stay in control if a client decides not to pay. Make it easy and upload contact templates, so you can copy and send.

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Ready to make admin work labourless?

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