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How to setup Stripe Payment

Last modified: November 4, 2023
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How to setup Stripe Payment

Integrating Stripe with Labourless


Step 1: Sign in to Labourless

1. Go to the Labourless website and sign in to your account: app.labourless.co.uk


Step 2: Navigate to Settings

1. In your Labourless dashboard, find and click on the “Settings” option. This can be found by following the sidebar navigation like so.

Setup > Settings > Payment Gateways


Step 3: Select Stripe as Payment Gateway

1. In the Payment Gateway section please select Stripe Checkout in the sliding options along the top of the window below the title “Payment Gateway”.


Step 4: Enter Stripe API Keys

1. In the Stripe configuration section, you will be prompted to enter your Stripe API keys. These include the “Publishable Key” and the “Secret Key”.


    • Publishable Key: Paste your Stripe Publishable Key in the respective field.
    • Secret Key: Paste your Stripe API Secret Key in the respective field.

How to Create a Stripe Account and Generate API Keys

Sign Up for a Stripe Account
  1. Go to the Stripe website: https://stripe.com/
  2. Click on “Sign Up” or “Create Account” to start the registration process.
  3. Provide the required information about your business, including your email address, business type, and relevant details.
Verify Your Email Address
  1. After providing your information, you’ll receive a verification email from Stripe.
  2. Click on the verification link in the email to verify your email address.
Complete Your Account Setup
  1. Once you’ve verified your email, you’ll be directed back to the Stripe website to complete your account setup.
  2. Provide additional information about your business, including bank details, pay-out preferences, and any other requested information.
Access the Stripe Dashboard
  1. After completing the account setup, you’ll be directed to your Stripe Dashboard.
Navigate to Developers > API Keys
  1. On the left-hand sidebar, click on “Developers” and then select “API Keys”.
Create API Secret Key and Publishable Key
  1. In the “Standard Keys” section, you’ll find your existing API keys (if any). If this is your first time setting up Stripe, you’ll see a section to create a new API key.
  2. Click the “Create secret key” button to generate a new API Secret Key. A pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm the creation.
  3. Once confirmed, you’ll see your new API Secret Key. Important: Copy and save this key in a secure location, as it won’t be displayed again.
  4. Next, you’ll find your “Publishable Key” displayed on the same page. This key is used on the client-side to securely interact with Stripe.
Test Your Keys (Optional)
  1. You may want to perform a test transaction using the test keys provided in the Stripe documentation to ensure they are working correctly.
Use Your Keys in Your Application
  1. Integrate the API Secret Key and Publishable Key into your website or application to enable payment processing with Stripe.


Step 5: Save Changes

1. After entering your Stripe API keys, be sure to save the changes. There is typically a “Save” or “Update” button at the bottom of the Payment Settings section.

Step 6: Test Payment Process

1. Once you’ve saved the changes, you may want to perform a test transaction to ensure that the integration is working properly.

    • Create a test invoice or opportunity within Labourless.
    • Proceed through the payment process to confirm that it successfully connects with Stripe for processing.
Step 7: Go Live

1. Once you’ve confirmed that the integration is working as expected be sure to replace the test keys with your actual live keys before going live.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully integrated Stripe with Labourless for payment processing.

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