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How to convert an estimate into an invoice

Last modified: October 30, 2021
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  1. Login to your account
  2. Navigate using the left-hand sidebar which shows the different feature headings, and click on the heading “Finance” and then click “Estimates”.
  • Once you navigated your way to the estimates, you will need to click the cog on the right of the row of the quote you want to convert into an invoice.
  • You will then be able to click “Create Invoice”, which will convert the “Estimate” into an invoice.
  • Once you have selected to convert, you will then be redirected to an invoice page. Here you will get the opportunity to make any final changes to the invoice before saving.
  • Once you have saved, you can then find the invoice in the “Finance” section under “invoices”.
  • Congratulations! You have now just converted an “Estimate” into an “Invoice”.
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