#1 Tradesmen digital toolbox


Create reports with ease.

Gain insight on all aspects of your account

Use these built-in reports to understand task performance, employee timesheets, and the financials of your business.

Task reports

Report on all you task activities.

Finance reports

Report on all the financials of your account.

Timesheet reports

Gain insight of how your team is performing.

Expense reports

Report on where your business cost are coming from.

Task report

Run reports on your teams task performance

Analyse your businesses performance when completing project and tasks.

A good tradesman know the best tool for the job and there isn’t a better one for keeping track of each project you’re team is working on.

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Finance reports-n

Finance report

Visualise the financial results of your business

Make it easy for yourself, view what the financial of your business look like.

Financial reports are designed to make it easy for tradesmen to view their earnings and better understand their cashflow.

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Timesheet reports

Keep track of who has worked what hours

Keep track of who has worked what hours in your team and keep things accurate.

The perfect tool for monitoring how much each team member has earned and what hours they have worked.

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Timesheets report-n
Attendance and leave

Attendance & leave reports

Create project milestones and keep track of their completion

Monitor content delivered to social accounts and build post reports for better content analysis.

Build post history reports for you or your team to understand types of content to improve on create more of.

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Expense report

A simple way to compare your income vs out goings

A really simple report that shows in a bar chart what your business income is compared to your out goings.

Keep it simple and to the point, that is what we have strive to do with this report. It provides a very clear comparison between the two so you can understand what your month-by-month cashflow is like.

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