#1 Tradesmen digital toolbox

Human resourcing

Manage your team with simplicity.

Easily manage your staff and contractors

The perfect tool to help you keep track of all information relevant to your teams, so you can manage them more efficiently.

Employee Management

Build the perfect team of staff and contractors.


Monitor the attendance and timesheets of your team.


Make it easy for you and your team to book and track holidays.


Create and send payslips to your employees.

Employee management

Build the perfect team of staff and contractors

Build a bank of all your workers contact details and skills so you can call upon them at any time.

Manage all your workers details at home, on site or on the go.

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Track the attendance and the timesheets of your team

At the touch of a button always know who is working on which job or project.

All information on hours and days worked are at your fingertips.

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Make it easy for you and your team to book and track holidays

Easily record holidays for you and your team, and block out times when you are unavailable to work.

Automatically links into your calendar function.

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Employee leave

Employee leave

Easily control your team’s requests for time off

Streamline your employee management with leave requests and management acceptance

Need to manage employee leave requests? Our platform simplifies the process for both you and your team. Our intuitive interface allows employees to easily request time off, while managers can approve or deny requests and track employee leave balances.

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Create and send payslips to your employees

Easily create, send, and store payslips and contractor invoice payment details

Record new staff, leavers, tax and NI details.

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