#1 Tradesmen digital toolbox

Customer Management

Simply manage customer data.

Keep your customers personal data secure

It is important that even as a tradesman, you keep your customer’s personal data secure. Labourless is the perfect solution to help you achieve this with built-in security and two-factor authentication.


Manage contact details for new leads.


Keep your client’s personal data secure.

Client portal

Clients have control over the information that matters.


Easily add your clients personal data in a secure system

Gather your leads data, store it securely and convert to client when they have purchase with one-click.

Board & list view

View all your trade leads in a list or board view, keep track of status and once they’ve agreed you can one click convert into a client.

Lead forms

Laborless comes with an easy to use custom form builder, where you can create an equity form and then embed on your website.

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Keep track of all your customer’s personal data

Keeping your customer data secure is vital to staying GDPR compliant, something even trade businesses need to adhere to.

Collect all contact details that are relevant to your business, and if there is a field missing that you need then you can easily add a custom field in the settings.

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Client portal

Let customers easily access the information related to them

You allow customers to have access to all the information that’s been generated for their eyes only.

The customer portal is a great way to allow your clients to access invoices, projects, tickets, estimates, payments, and much more. When you’re on the job, you don’t have time to resend an invoice or estimate. Instead, your clients now have access to all account information from within the client portal. Job done!

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Customer portal

Ready to make admin work labourless?

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