#1 Tradesmen digital toolbox

Communications tools

Communicate with your team and customers with automation and direct communication tools.

Communicate with your clients and team more efficiently

Great tradesmen know the perfect tool for the job. We have therefore combined everything you’ll need to communicate effectively with your team or clients.


Direct private messages to your employees or clients.

SMS messages

Reminder SMS messages to help follow up on tasks.


Notifications to help keep you and your team up to date on system changes.


Communicate with your team and clients

Send and receive messages from contractors, employees and clients.

Make it easier to centralise your communications so interactions with your team are easy to find.

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Stay up to date with all system notifications

Notifications keep you and your team up-to-date on all system changes, tasks completed and payments received.

Notifications are built-in as a standard feature and is available to all members and comes with all packages.

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Digital sticky notes

Jot down your to-do’s in customisable digital sticky notes

Custom sticky notes are great if you don’t have any paper present.

Create and edit digital sticky notes that are private to your account, so no one can see your notes.

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Sticky notes-n

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